Business Overdraft Protection

Business Overdraft Protection

Complete, personalized control that helps you avoid the inconvenience of an overdraft.

By opening an Andover Bank account, you’ll have the ability to bank your way, including setting parameters on how you’d like us to handle the occasional instance where payments against your account exceed your available balance in your account. Overdraft protection can be a valuable resource to help avoid the hassle of an overdraft, in the event one occurs.

Overdraft Privilege

Overdraft Privilege ensures your overdraft checks are paid by Andover Bank, rather than returned unpaid. Insufficient funds and service fees will apply. Privilege may be increased with satisfactory account maintenance. Click here for full details and disclosure.

Automatic Transfer Service

With enrollment, we’ll link your Andover Bank checking account to your Andover Bank savings account to automatically transfer funds and cover overdrafts. Transfers are made in $50.00 increments. A $3.00 fee per transfer applies. Contact an Andover Bank representative to enable this feature.

Ready Cash

Ready Cash is an unsecured line of credit providing overdraft protection when you need it. You are charged interest based on the amount drawn against the line. Talk to an Andover Bank representative to apply and enable this feature.