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Advanced Debit Card Controls

Manage your debit card right from within our Mobile Banking App.

Ready for an easier way to manage your debit card? Our upgraded mobile app puts more control, convenience and safety in your hands. From instant card activations to clearer merchant transaction info to robust fraud protections, now you can do even more from one convenient place. 

CardValet App Users: You should delete the separate CardValet app as it is no longer used. You will need to set up any alerts and transaction controls you currently have in place within the updated Mobile Banking App.

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Control your debit card on your terms.

  • Turn your cards on/off at your discretion
  • Know where every card is stored online
  • Set spending limits based on location, amount, merchant type and transaction type
  • Create travel plan notifications to alert Andover Bank
  • Easily dispute transactions

Discover More Convenience

Enhanced features enable a smoother user experience.

  • Enjoy 24/7 access to your cards via our mobile app
  • Easily add cards to digital wallets
  • Access card credentials without needing your physical card

Find More Clarity

Deeper insights into spending means deeper understanding.

  • Gain total transparency into every transaction with clear merchant names
  • Keep track of spending with a glance
  • View merchant name, logo, exact location on map and contact information
  • Contact merchants directly based on transactions. View spend by what, when and where

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Use your card confidently with uncompromising fraud protection.

  • Report lost or stolen cards in a couple of clicks
  • Immediately turn off a lost or stolen card from your phone
  • Keep in constant communication with Andover Bank with two-way fraud alert

Get Started

Simply tap “My cards” within the Mobile Banking App to access all card features.

If you haven’t already, download our Mobile Banking App from your device’s app store today.

Data or internet access fees charged by your wireless provider may still apply.