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Why .bank?

Why .bank?

Wednesday, January 9, 2019/Categories: Bank News, Your Security

We're committed to serving you with innovative tools and advice to help you live your best financial life. With that comes a strong commitment to protecting your data and finances. As such, we've chosen to make the switch to a .bank domain.

What's in a domain?
The '.bank' portion of our new web address,, protects against phishing, a common type of cyber attack and starting point of most breaches. With the ever-increasing volume and sophistication of these types of attacks, the switch to a more secure domain is more important than ever.

A .bank domain is a certified domain that may only be purchased by a vetted financial institution, eliminating the risk of phishing. Further, .bank sites feature superior data encryption that keeps your sensitive information safe.

When you visit, you can rest assured that your transactions and data are secure.

Does this mean that .com websites are not secure?
Many common domain types, like .com addresses, remain secure. However, because anyone can purchase a .com domain, it is possible for scammers to purchase a site name similar to a trusted domain. Scammers then design a fake version of a valid site, and use the familiar-looking site to earn users trust and collect sensitive information. That information is then used by scammers to steal your identity or access your credit.

You should always exercise caution when entering sensitive information online by verifying the website you are visiting is secure. To learn how to verify the security of a website, read this article.